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Villa Rosethorn

Carvalhal, Portugal


6 persons

3 rooms


2 bathrooms

143 m²

About this villa

Welcome to this exquisite villa, designed for those seeking serenity in the heart of Carvalhal. This 3 bedroom villa is a haven of comfort, offering an intimate experience that resonates with the charm of Comporta. With a capacity of 6 people, this villa is a testimony of discreet elegance. The property captures the essence of rest with its garden, creating a harmonious setting for your stay. Discover the charm of Carvalhal since this villa places you just 200 meters from the center, the supermarket and various restaurants. The convenience of essentials at your fingertips adds a touch of ease to your escape. Meanwhile, sandy beaches await after a short 3km drive, providing a perfect spot for sun-soaked afternoons. Golf enthusiasts will find their haven just 4 km away, ensuring a well-rounded retirement. Located in a tranquil neighborhood, this villa invites you to unwind, providing a secluded oasis for your relaxation. Inside, discover a space carefully designed for comfort and functionality. From the lush garden to the inviting jacuzzi, every element of this villa is designed to make your stay memorable. Create lasting memories in the heart of Carvalhal, where this villa calls you to experience the magic of this coastal escape.

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Updated: 03/19/2024
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