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Embark on an alpine experience luxury in Courchevel, magnified by ourselective range of chalets and residences. 

Luxury chalet and apartment rentals in Courchevel

Enter the luxurious world of our exceptional Courchevel residences

Enjoying a privileged position on the slopes, with outdoor jacuzzis, cozy lounges and breathtaking views, each space has been designed to enhance your stay. Courchevel is not just a ski resort, it is a setting of refinement where every moment becomes timeless.

Nestled in the heart of the Three Valleys, this mountain jewel combines prestige and wild nature. Relax in a chalet of character, combining traditional woodwork and modern equipment, or prefer a panoramic suite, offering a breathtaking view of the reliefs. Courchevel is pure elegance in a breathtaking mountain setting.

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Let yourself be captivated by the majesty of Courchevel by staying in one of our excellent chalets. Snow crystals mingle with refined luxury, offering memories etched in stone and ice.

The luxury of a holiday in a chalet in Courchevel

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Courchevel, the star of the Alps, appears like a winter paradise where the fir forests are dressed in white and the chalets shine under the stars. Stroll through its lively streets, where luxury boutiques and gourmet restaurants rub shoulders with local artisans. The slopes, suitable for all levels, are a promise of escape, while the spas and wellness of the hotels offer relaxation and well-being.

As soon as the first snowflakes fall, the resort comes alive with a unique excitement, with social evenings, galas and concerts. In summer, the mountain transforms into a haven of peace for lovers of hiking and unspoiled nature.

The table ofCourchevel is a taste journey: aged cheeses, grilled meats, and fine wines, each meal is a celebration.

Courchevel, more than a destination, is a waking dream, where excellence mixes with nature, and where every moment is precious.

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Travel Tips

How to reach Courchevel easily?

Courchevel is ideally served by the airports of Geneva and Lyon, with regular connections by helicopter or private transfer. The scenic drive through the mountains is also an attractive option for those traveling by car.

What transport options in Courchevel?

Courchevel offers a variety of ways to get around, from traditional taxis to free shuttles connecting the different levels of the resort. Thrill seekers can also opt for snowmobiles or dog-pulled sleds.

The perfect time to go to Courchevel

Courchevel, wonderful in all seasons

If winter is the highlight with its immaculate slopes and festive atmosphere, summer in Courchevel is a rediscovery, with its flowery mountain pastures, its mountain lakes and its outdoor activities. Whatever the season, Courchevel promises emotion and enchantment.

Updated 11/20/2023

Want a vacation in Courchevel?

Start your Co-Selectionist adventure by entrusting us with your vacation for guaranteed simplicity and luxury.

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