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Let yourself be charmed by the natural splendor of Corsica, a Mediterranean island where the wild beauty landscapes blend perfectly with a rich culture and preserved traditions. 

Luxury villa rentals in Corsica

Discover Corsica with our exceptional luxury villas and houses. 

Every property on our site reflects the essence of this stunning island, whether a stylish villa with crystal clear sea views or an authentic hinterland apartment. Live an authentic Corsican experience, enhanced with a touch of refinement.

Discover the ultimate Mediterranean escape in Corsica with our exceptional residences. Surrounded by sandy beaches, towering mountains and villages steeped in history, they offer the perfect blend of relaxation, natural beauty and exclusivity.

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Immerse yourself in the unique and captivating lifestyle of Corsica. Staying in our luxury homes, you will immerse yourself in a world of tranquility, stunning scenery and understated elegance.

The luxury of a vacation in a villa in Corsica

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Corsica, often nicknamed the Island of Beauty, is much more than just a vacation destination. It is a place where the turquoise sea meets majestic mountains, where ancestral villages offer a glimpse of island life, and where culture and traditions mingle with natural beauty.

The beaches, known for their diversity and beauty, are the soul of Corsica. From the famous Palombaggia beach to secret coves accessible only by boat, every corner of the island offers a paradise for sea lovers.

Corsica also shines for its gastronomy. From seaside restaurants to mountain inns, local cuisine combines fresh island produce and Mediterranean influences. Specialties such as Corsican cheese, charcuterie and island wine delight the palate.

Beyond the beaches, Corsica seduces with its mountain hikes, its historical sites and its cultural festivals. The island is home to breathtaking natural sites, such as the Aiguilles de Bavella, and citadels steeped in history.

Corsica offers the perfect balance between adventure and relaxation, between idyllic beaches and rich culture.


Whether you're looking for the excitement of a mountain hike or the tranquility of a day at the beach, Corsica promises unforgettable moments.

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Travel Tips

Access the island of beauty:

The airports of Ajaccio, Bastia, and Figari are the main arrival points for those coming by plane, offering regular connections from the continent. Ferries to Ajaccio, Bastia, Calvi, and Île-Rousse allow arrival by sea, providing a picturesque transition to the island.

Getting around Corsica:

Exploring Corsica is an adventure in itself, whether by car to discover the island's hidden treasures at your own pace, or taking the railways for a picturesque experience. Bike rental is also a great option for those who want to get closer to nature.

The perfect time to go to Corsica

Corsica, a Mediterranean jewel to discover all year round:


The island enjoys a pleasant climate, with a hot summer ideal for beachgoers and a mild spring or autumn, perfect for hiking and exploring the villages. Even winter has its charm, offering a different perspective of the island with fewer crowds.

Updated 02/09/2024

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