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Access the co-selection of the 400 most beautiful luxury villas for rent in Saint-Barthélémy

Luxury villa rentals in Saint Barthélemy

Escape to the Caribbean paradise of Saint-Barthélemy with our exceptional residences. 

Bathed by a crystal clear sea and surrounded by tropical landscapes,
they embody island serenity and exclusivity.

Each of our properties exemplifies this harmony, whether it's a hilltop villa with panoramic ocean views or a modern waterfront retreat. Live the authentic experience of Saint-Barth, with a touch of elegance.

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Embrace the carefree and stylish lifestyle of St. Barthélemy. Staying in our luxurious homes, you will be transported to a world of tranquility, natural beauty and sophistication.

The luxury of a vacation in a villa in Saint Barthélemy

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Saint-Barthélemy, often affectionately called St-Barths, is much more than just a Caribbean destination. It is an Eden where green hills plunge into secluded coves, where whitewashed villas offer breathtaking views of the azure horizon, and where French culture mixes with Caribbean spirit.


The beaches, each with their own character, are the jewels of the island.


From the lively beach of Saint-Jean to the calm waters of Colombier Bay, accessible only on foot or by boat, each patch of sand tells a different story.

St. Barths is also a haven for foodies. Restaurants, ranging from seaside huts to Michelin-starred establishments, serve cuisine fusing French and Caribbean flavors. Fresh fish, accompanied by a Creole touch or a delicate French sauce, is in the spotlight.

Besides its natural beauty, the island is famous for its luxury shopping. The streets of Gustavia, the capital, are full of high-end boutiques where big brands rub shoulders with local designers.

Saint-Barthélemy offers a perfect balance between relaxation and adventure, between dream beaches and lively evenings in the tropics.


QWhether you're looking for the tranquility of a seaside spa or the excitement of a trendy beach club, St-Barth will delight you.

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Travel Tips

Land in paradise:

Gustaf III Airport, also known as Saint John Airport, receives flights mainly from neighboring islands. Its picturesque trail, bordered by hills and sea, is a taste of the adventure to come.

Getting around Saint-Barthélemy:

The best way to explore the island is by rental car. The small winding roads will lead you to hidden beaches, breathtaking viewpoints and intimate places.

The ideal time to go to Saint-Barthélemy

St-Barth, a Caribbean star all year round:

Although the period from November to April is the most popular, with its ideal climate and numerous events, the island remains magnificent all year round, offering calm and privacy outside of high season. Every moment spent in Saint-Barth is a precious memory to cherish.

Updated 12/18/2023

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