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Discover Comporta, Portugal 's best kept secret , a place where the tranquility of endless beaches combines with a chic and relaxed lifestyle

Luxury villa rentals in Comporta, Portugal

Treat yourself to an escape where elegance blends with natural simplicity.

Each selected property invites you to enjoy an authentic Comporta experience, from charming villas nestled among pine trees to sophisticated cabins on the dunes.

Experience the pinnacle of European escape in Comporta with our exclusive residences. Situated between stretches of white sand, pine forests and lush green rice fields, they offer the perfect balance of relaxation, natural beauty and privacy.

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Immerse yourself in the unique and captivating lifestyle of Comporta. By staying in our luxury residences, you will immerse yourself in a world of peace, breathtaking panoramas and subtle refinement.

The luxury of a holiday in a villa in Comporta

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Comporta, often described as the insiders' retreat, is much more than a vacation destination; it is a haven where pristine beaches meet unspoiled natural landscapes. The villages, with their traditional whitewashed houses, offer a glimpse of authentic Portugal, while the local culture and artisan traditions add to the enchantment of the place.


The beaches, known for their vast expanse and peaceful atmosphere, are the essence of Comporta. From the famous Pego Beach to the lesser-known shores, every corner is a sanctuary for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle.


Gastronomy in Comporta is also a highlight, with restaurants serving local dishes using fresh produce from the sea and rice fields. Specialties like seafood rice, grilled fish and local wines delight gourmets.


Beyond its beaches, Comporta seduces with its horseback riding along the dunes, its designer boutiques and its craft markets. The region offers a perfect mix of relaxing activities and cultural discovery, ensuring an enriching vacation.

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Travel Tips

To get to Comporta:

The closest airport is Lisbon, from where you can reach Comporta by car in about an hour. This provides a quick and pleasant transition to this tranquil oasis.

Getting around Comporta:

The region can be explored in a variety of ways, whether by car to explore the vast landscapes at your own pace, or by bike for a complete immersion in nature. ATV rental is also popular for those who want a more active experience.

The perfect time to go to Comporta

Comporta, a hidden paradise to discover all year round:


The region enjoys a Mediterranean climate with a hot, dry summer ideal for enjoying the beaches, while spring and autumn offer mild temperatures perfect for exploring and outdoor activities. The calmer winter is ideal for those looking for a quiet escape from the crowds.

Updated 04/28/2024

Want a vacation in Comporta?

Start your Co-Selectionist adventure by entrusting us with your vacation for guaranteed simplicity and luxury.

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