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Soak up the opulence and modernity of Dubai, by staying in one of our high-end properties.

Luxury villa rentals in Dubai

Between the futuristic skyscrapers that touch the sky and the golden shores bathed by the Persian Gulf, our residences reflect the grandeur and dynamism of this metropolis.

Whether it's a contemporary apartment overlooking the Burj Khalifa or a luxurious villa nestled on the World Islands, Dubai promises an unforgettable escape.

Immerse yourself in the splendor of Dubai with our exceptional residences. Breathtaking views of the marina, interiors adorned with elegant finishes, and proximity to the city's iconic locations. Every stay in Dubai, in one of our properties, is an ode to splendor.

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Let yourself be charmed by the unique blend of tradition and innovation that Dubai offers. Stay in our prestigious accommodation, where luxury combines with the excitement of this phenomenal city.

The luxury of a vacation in a villa to Dubai

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Dubai, the city of wonders, is a bold fusion of past and future. Here, traditional bazaars or souks, where gold and spices are traded as they were centuries ago, sit alongside futuristic shopping malls and man-made artificial islands. The imposing Burj Khalifa rises majestically, dominating the cityscape, reminding visitors of this city's endless ambitions.


Dubai Marina, with its glittering yachts and modern residential towers, offers a nighttime spectacle with its dazzling lights. Not far from there, the desert, vast and mystical, awaits those seeking a Lawrence of Arabia-style adventure, whether in a 4x4, on the back of a camel or under a starry sky in a Bedouin camp.


Gastronomy in Dubai is a journey in itself. From traditional Emirati dishes to world cuisines, each restaurant is a new discovery. And for those looking to buy, Dubai, with its gigantic shopping malls and luxury boutiques, is a paradise.


Dubai, however, is about more than its ostentatious luxury. The Al Fahidi Historic District, with its coral and gypsum buildings, tells the story of this city before the age of oil. Museums and art galleries offer a glimpse into the cultural soul of the region.


With over 300 days of sunshine per year, Dubai is a cosmopolitan hub that attracts visitors with its unique blend of glamour, tradition and avant-garde. It is an experience that amazes, amazes and remains engraved in the memory.

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Travel Tips

Land in the heart of opulence:

Dubai International Airport welcomes flights from all over the world, positioning it as one of the main gateways to the Middle East. Once there, take advantage of a well-developed transportation network, whether by taxi, metro or rented luxury car.

Getting around Dubai:

While the metro is a quick and efficient option for traveling long distances, taxis and chauffeur-driven cars are ideal for a more personalized experience. Plus, for a unique view, why not opt for an abra ride on Dubai Creek?

The perfect time to go to Dubai

Dubai, a show all year round:


If winter offers a pleasant climate, conducive to exploration, the other seasons reveal other facets of the city, with festivals, sporting events and shopping promotions. Each period in Dubai offers its share of surprises and discoveries.

Updated 02/20/2024

Want a vacation in Dubai?

Start your Co-Selectionist adventure by entrusting us with your vacation for guaranteed simplicity and luxury.

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