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Discover the discreet charm of Megève, highlighted by our neat collection of chalets and apartments. 

Luxury chalet and apartment rentals in Megève

Experience a unique stay in our distinguished properties in Megève. 

Benefiting from direct access to the snowy slopes, with Scandinavian saunas, cozy fire corners and sunny terraces, every corner evokes an invitation to well-being. In Megève, more than just a resort, it is an atmosphere, a soul, which caresses the senses of the most demanding.

Nestled in the heart of the French Alps, this village resort harmoniously combines authenticity and modernity. Stay in a chalet with ancestral charm, aged wooden facades and luxurious interiors, or let yourself be tempted by a penthouse offering a sublime mountain panorama. Megève is this parenthesis of wonder where every moment resonates like a privilege.

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Let yourself be enveloped by the mountain magic of Megève by choosing one of our prestigious properties. The whisper of the fir trees in the caress of the wind combines with discreet elegance to create absolutely unforgettable moments.

The luxury of a holiday in a chalet in Megève

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Nestled between the peaks of the Alps, Megève stands out as a rare pearl where time seems to stand still. This village resort, a true showcase of tradition and refinement, amazes with its preserved beauty. As you stroll through its cobbled streets, the history of Megève is written beneath your feet, with its century-old farms transformed into elegant boutiques or gourmet establishments.


The rustling of the river which crosses the village accompanies the walker, and the lively squares offer moments of conviviality, whether around a hot chocolate or a spicy mulled wine. Culture is also there, with numerous events, exhibitions and concerts that punctuate the year.


But Megève is above all a life-size playground for mountain lovers. The ski slopes, suitable for all levels, wind through forests and mountain pastures, offering breathtaking panoramas of Mont Blanc. When the snow recedes, hiking trails and mountain bike trails take over, promising adventure and discovery.


Gastronomy is not left out. From Savoyard fondue to crozets, including diots with white wine, the Megève restaurant is an ode to gluttony. Each restaurant, each inn, tells a story, a passion for local products and authentic flavors.


Megève is the perfect alliance between tradition and modernity, nature and culture, relaxation and adventure. It is an invitation to rediscover the very essence of the mountain, in an environment where every detail counts, where every moment is transformed into a precious memory.

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Travel Tips

Joining Megève: what are the best options?

Megève is easily accessible thanks to the international airports of Geneva and Lyon. Many private transfer options are available to take you comfortably to the resort. The winding road which climbs towards Megève also offers spectacular views of the Alps.

Transport solutions in Megève:

Whether on foot, by shuttle, by car or by horse-drawn carriage, getting around Megève is a pleasure in itself. The pedestrian areas of the village are ideal for strolling, while the shuttle services easily connect the different neighborhoods and the slopes.

The perfect time to go to Megève

Megève in all seasons: a renewed experience

Although winter is the ideal time to enjoy its ski areas, summer in Megève reveals a completely different side, with its green meadows, cultural events and festivals. Megève is that destination which, each season, offers a new reason to fall under its spell.

Updated 12/18/2023

Want a vacation in Megève?

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