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Villa Soul

Carvalhal, Portugal


16 people

8 bedrooms


6 bathrooms

560 m²

About this villa

Nestled in the heart of lush nature, this architect-designed villa exudes contemporary charm defined by its clean lines and attractive wooden shutters. As soon as you enter, you will discover an airy interior bathed in natural light, thanks to abundant windows that gracefully invite the sun to dance on the pristine white walls and ceilings. Adding a touch of vitality, vibrant shades in the form of artwork and decorative cushions tastefully punctuate the white joinery and natural parquet floors. This thematic elegance continues effortlessly throughout the eight contemporary and welcoming rooms. What makes this villa unique is its two identical blocks, each with four bedrooms, creating a harmonious and symmetrical layout. These blocks are separated by a separate entrance, providing privacy and convenience for larger groups or extended family stays. In each block you will find two fully equipped kitchens, two cozy living rooms and two mezzanines, as shown in the floor plan shown in the last photo. The property includes an architect-designed house and an infinity pool, which will be shared with two other villas also located on the same vast estate. Outside, the vast woods surrounding the villa invite you to explore and enjoy the great outdoors on its 23-hectare expanse. Depending on your mood and preferences, a myriad of options await you to satisfy your connection with nature. Whether you want to take a refreshing dip in the infinity pool, relax in a hammock, gently swing on a swing, or take part in a spirited game on the volleyball court, the choice is yours. After indulging in the activity of your choice, treat yourself to a well-deserved drink while lounging on the outdoor lounge chairs, letting the tranquility of the surroundings envelop you. For a more immersive experience, take a leisurely stroll through the nearby sand dunes or ride horses along the area's pristine beaches. This villa offers a contemporary haven amidst the natural splendor of its expansive surroundings. With its unique layout, this villa provides abundant space for gatherings of family and friends to revel in luxury, ensuring comfort and privacy for all.

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Updated: 03/19/2024
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